new server build log (18.04 LTS)

decided to refresh my poor server that had failing disks and bring it to the next level.
– Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on an SSD as a base. (steam and plex still seem to love ubuntu)
– install SSHD and start from scratch.
– differnet harddisks instead of LVM
– replace my AMD FX with a Ryzen 5
– add a GTX1060 for video transcoding and steam
– enable steam link
– throw nextcloud on it
– different mountpoints/drives for nextcloud and plex
– an SSD for system/root
– two factor authentication
– and…of course.. it has to run minecraft server ^^

computing power is x4 now while power consumption has halved, I will probably throw some hypervisor and another SSD for that on it, too. I want to play with pfsense and SDN some more and always need a public host (next to my VPS)