ubuntu 19 vanilla gnome

The ubuntu flavor and look+feel has been added to the stock gnome3 – which is not much but I dislike the fat font and the unity-style dock.. also there is something about that purple.

anyway, easy fix: get these packages (in order of how much you want to be gnome-ified)
1) apt install gnome-session
2) update-alternatives –config gdm3.css (select gnome-shell.css)
3) apt install ubuntu-gnome-default-settings
4) apt install vanilla-gnome-default-settings vanilla-gnome-desktop

key differences are:

  • No Ubuntu Dock
  • No app indicator support
  • Adwaita GTK and icon theme
  • Cantarell font is used
  • Default Shell theme
  • App windows only show a ‘close’ button
  • Symbolic icons used in App Menu
  • Activities Hot Corner


By Andreas

yay! Life is great ;)