(centered on SPV c500 and motorola mpx200 – Windows mobile devices)
here is how to unlock them and make them nicer…

First of all:

Do this on your own responsibility. Void your warranty, render your phone unusable, not my problem!

I did all this and learned how to do it by painful trial and error. This guide is mainly for myself, should I ever get new hardware (which I hope after Orange’s last coup, see my Orange rant in the blog)


The SPV C500. It comes application locked to prevent “dangerous” (uncertified) programs from running.
Here’s how to remove them:

1. Register with Orange:
Download this tool: and install it on your PC using activesync to get it to the phone. Get on your phone and run it there.

2. Make sure you are online (either GPRS or pass-through) and choose “register” with the tool. Your IMEI is now registered with the ORange developers.

3. Now there’s 2 methods:

a) the easy way:
Go to
and enter IMEI, email and Name, you will get a screen popup stating that “your handset has had its certificate security disabled”

b) ask for help
Email and ask them nicely for a certificate security disabling tool.

Now, you can tun any software on your SPV *grin*

Well, now that we have the security disabled, why don’t we remove the damn Orange Network lock aswell? I mean, I am in the Netherlands and in Germany a lot, I carry two mobiles around because of some darn SIMlock.
Here’s how to get rid of it :)

First, you’ll need the “spv-services”
Download them at
Or google for them. Don’t ask me, I don’t use such software ;)

Unpack them and copy on your phone, run it from there.
Then go and run the SPV-Services on your PC and log in to the simlock tool. Success!

Now, we are using a Windows Device with a TFT.. what makes TFTs cool?

After Unlocking, grab a RegistryEditor and create a Key called “ClearType” in

Inside the Key “HKLM\System\GDI\ClearType” create a DWORD with the name “Quality” and the Value “1”

Reboot, enjoy :)

Thanks to MoDaCo for showing this!

Note: This may slow down the phone a little… but it’s pretty ;)

Now for the Motorola MPx200

– remove the application (unsigned programs)-lock from Orange Smartphones
– do the same with the Motorola MPx200 Smartphone

– remove the network (SIM)-lock from the Orange SPV C500
– do the same with the Motorola MPx200

– upgrade the Motorola MPx200 to a new firmware (Windows Mobile 2003)

– re-flash the Siemens ST60 to its original firmware (remove T-Mobile Branding)