Speedtouch 716 tricks

How to enable the “Forced FXO” function on a Thomson Speedtouch 716 ADSL/VoIP/Modem/Router

This device doesn’t offer the function to bypass the VoIP gateway after Firmware Update to Version 6.XXX and higher.
To activate it, one has to logon to the console:

Use a shell/Terminal/commandline/whatever and issue the following commands:

telnet dsldevice.lan (alternatively use the IP of the Speedtouch) and login using your userID and password of the router.

You will be greeted by a nice ASCII interface. :)


now type the following commands followed by enter:

==> voice
[voice]==> services
[voice services] ==> provison
type = forcedFXO
[voice services]=> activate
type = forcedFXO

if you want to see if it worked type list and hit enter. you should see something like that:


To test it, dial *01* and listen to your modem, it should emit a mechanical *CLICK* sound and switch the line back to the landline, bypassing the VoIP gateway for the next call.
Very useful for calling 112 or 0900-numbers ;)

Should you want another number to dial as a prefix, use the following command: (With 01 being the desired service code here):
:voice services assign type=forcedFXO servicecode=01

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