x-server and media center

Now, I got myself a media center based on Debian Linux.
It’s called “freevo” and is much easier to set up and handle than mythTV, which at times just was a pain in the ass to configure.

sono was a great help doing this, answering all my silly questions and doing lots of fine-tuning. And his patience was endless, trying to explain to me why the X-server is running on the client machine displaying content of the x-client which is delivering data that is on the server… I understand it hurts to help a person that is spoiled by windows and refuses to listen / read manpages.

It went just like in the textbook:
Installed a desktop-installation of Debian “testing” (etch at this moment, 12/2006) and added “non-free” and “community” repositories, plus the “debian multimedia” repository and then a simple “apt-get install freevo” solved all the dependencies.

It’s all documented on the homepage of freevo and in the wiki

Pretty neat :)

Only things remaining to be solved are:

– Why is my Radeon not capable to play movies on the Xv-Overlay? I have to use X11, which works (but it works all the time, I know it can better!)

– why is x11vnc so difficult to setup? > run vncserver, run x11vnc -Display :0, then connect with a client..

– how do I get a frelling remote control? ;)

P.S. in case I forget:
sudo mount -o -P [host or IP]:REMOTE_PATH LOCAL_PATH
/usr/X11R6/bin/Xquartz :1 -query [host or IP] (or just