Orange (NL) UMTS Internet access (through a Nokia E60)

Because it was so painful to go online through my Nokia E60 I will note the steps here:
(these steps apply to Orange Nederland mobile UMTS access via bluetooth)

(Optional – The “Nokia Infrared” Script should be enough!)
Install the modem Script from Nokia
(don’t know if this is neccessary but it enables iSync to access the phone via bluetooth.

1) pair the mobile handset with the laptop and make them “authorized” devices to each other – especially on the mobile handset it is neccessary to enable “remote sim mode” under bluetooth settings to enable other devices to “remotely dial” via the mobile.

2) Run the “Bluetooth device setup” wizard and set up a “mobile device” but don’t tell the wizard to use a GPRS/highspeed device” but to “dial an ISP”

3) In the configuration screen use the following data:
Username: user
Password: pass
CID string: *99***1#

4) go to “internet connect” and select Bluetooth > Dial

5) hit “connect” – enjoy mobile freedom :)

6) prepare for a big bill from Orange, they still don’t offer a flat-fee internet connection :( :( :( (as of July 2007)