sleep enabler OS X 10.7.x / 10.8.x

UPDATE 10.8.x – a patched AppleRTC kext seems to be in /Extra/Extensions folder by default with Kakewalk 4.5
use the following SleepEnabler (thanks to this post on kakewalk)
perform a maintenance on E/E and done!

for 10.7.x:
getting a EP45-UD3LR motherboard run OS X is easy using kakewalk. Getting it to sleep (and resume without erasing CMOS) is a little more tricky

luckily the guys at can help

You will need:
1) Kext Utility (from or just look for it or use something similar…
2) Some knowledge of what you are doing ;)

Add/Edit the following line to your (org.chameleon.)Boot.plist in the /Extra folder:
Kernel Flags
npci=0x2000 -usecache darkwake=0

Download the below kexts (SleepEnabler.kext & AppleRTC.kext) and add them to your E/E folder: sleep_files

Run kext utility and reboot.

Put hack to sleep
Wait for fans to completely spin down
Use keyboard or power button to wake

If that all went well and you didn’t get your CMOS reset while rebooting then you have working sleep :)