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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Because I felt like it I lit myself a cigarette just now.. it was awful! :D

For these cold and wet days there is only one solution to make yourself feel cozy:
Get your favourite cat/human on your lap, hug him/her/it tightly and listen to the music of Jack Johnson, I recommend “Brushfire Fairytales”

…and the day will pass just like that, unnoticed and warm like a hug.

Siepke and Servers

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

God, I am so happy this cat is back.. I don’t know what I would have done without him.


Anna is writing another summary of her thesis for the press and I am typing my thermodynamics-lecture into the laptop. I decided to do this from now on to memorize the lessons better.

My friday night I spent in the biology-department setting up a new webserver because I accidentially deleted the whole /dev directory by issuing rm -d -r /dev/ instead of ./dev (note the small but fatal dot!)
At 0:00 I arrived in Maastricht, Anna being very mad at me having spent the evening without me once more.

Lesson of the day:
“Never touch a running system!”
Or as the IT-department says:
“Never touch a running system on Friday after 14:00!”

the show must go on…

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

okay, the new term has begun, I have a new job, business as usual.

It’s really interesting that I now sit at work and I percieve it as “relaxing” to be working… compared to the last weeks this little working and studying is a piece of cake. And at least, now my days have structure and order again ;)

back to work, there is a new laptop to work for :)

The current candidate is the VAIO TX1

well, it’s not as sexy as the “835g light, 1cm thick, completely fanless” x505

but almost 8 hours of battery life are also tempting.. . I have to choose between sexiness and functionality. For me, this is extremely difficult.

Talking about reason, IBM/Lenovo has very nice notebooks for students aswell with great battery runtimes. But they don’t really look nice.. in fact, they look incredibly ugly compared to a VAIO and 2 kg are not really “portable”.. and they are not even cheap ;)


Update: SONY is thrown off the throne, Sharp has released the Actius MM20 – running on a Transmeta Efficeon (Transmeta, you know, the company of Linus Torvalds that nobody precisely knows what they are doing…)

actius mm20

It looks quite nice, weighs less than 1kg and costs much less, aaaand:
It goes at 1500 Dollars, that’s 2500 less than the Sony x505 which costs almost 4000.
I guess that’s the end of my days with sony.

PDF Datasheet
US Homepage

I just hope they’ll also release it in europe… can’t wait to get my fingers on it! :)
And as the processor is made by Transmeta, there shouldn’t be a problem with running linux on it ;)

Orwell for beginners

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

The new phishing-filter for IE7 seems to become yet another Microsoft-Tool that has the potential of making MS the “BigBrother” of 21st century.

In a nutshell it can prevent websites from being opened in a browser if the central database has classified them as “bad”. Like with MS AntiSpyware (which works like a charm, I have to admit) the central database reports Now, if all websites that the users visit will be recorded it will be a mighty tool to exploit the surfing habits of the people using IE7… Big Brother coming for real this time?

Source: MozillaZine

is it really that bad or can Microsoft be trusted? I mean, people will embrace the new browser anyway, they love Windows. Will MS realize the huge responsibility?

I for my part will switch to Ubuntu Linux and (as suggested) make heavy use of SSL. I know this will not really protect me from being recorded, classified and categorized. But I will make it as difficult as possible for them ;)

Orange and the annoying customer

Sunday, September 11th, 2005

Ok, here’s my first rant :)

I got myself an Orange SPV 2 years ago, joining the “smartphone” hype when the first mobile phones featuring microsoft windows mobile came out.
Last year I prolonged my contract with these people and got a new phone, the SPV C500, basically a pda in mobile-format. Email and Google on the go, yay! ;)