design language

Seriously.. I have ranted to so many people about how ugly SUVs and crossover cars are… and yet.. everyone seems to join me in this but most people then just buy them anyway.. conveniently?
And the market/manufacturers then say “the market demands more SUVs” > repeat this cycle.
1974 italdesign came up with this concept that would become famous as “hyundai pony coupe”

so.. while the pony never looked like this, it definitlely inspired others. The VW Scirocco and most notably the DMC DeLorean

Now.. fast forward to 2022 – there are rumours that DeLorean are trying to reboot the brand (going all-electric) – and.. I can’t even imagine what moved those people but this is.. just another car.. also: it’s not the design language – the only thing that resembles the 1974 vibe are the gullwing doors :/

Am I subject to nostalgia? It’s not about the fucking doors.. it’s about design language. And being consistent with it. Who will buy this thing for 250K when there is Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc.. etc.. out there being far more established and looking just as great?

look at Hyundai and their hydrogen “rolling lab” called “N Vision 74” where they (successfully) demonstrate how to speak the same language while still being innovative.

If there is a worthy successor of the DeLorean, it would be this one.

Also, while Hyundai have their own design language and – I admit I find it fugly – I have to admit, they stick to it – so kudos to them for understanding what “design” means.

*bleh* GT-R vibes