Mother should I trust…

fun error message that I received today.. citrix related (on Ubuntu 20.04, official citrix receiver install.. or workspace as it’s called now)

turns out the cert is valid, it’s just citrix looking in the wrong places. A simple symlink to the firefox cert store fixes this problem:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts

and another fix for a problem that I don’t really understand… :-/

shrink pdf scans for email

Scanning to PDF is kinda useful when signing a contract without being there physically but the file sizes are usually huge.

In my case a 8 page multipage file coming from xsane is ~12MB – which is a little too large to email back.

Luckily someone called Alfred Klomp has written a nice script that compresses the images inside the PDF using ghostscript. it is called… shrinkpdf ;)

The syntax expects a parameter after the destination file name, if not given, it defaults to 72 dpi which I found a little too blurry so I changed that to 120 dpi. A 2-page scan would then be 200kB which is still mail-able so my 8-page file became 1,2MB which is good for emailing and still looks readable. For archiving purposes I actually would keep the larger version.

so now to integrate this into an xsane workflow.. how to go about that?

thoughts on networks…

“All companies have a test network,
some are lucky to have a separate production network.”

someone at the packetpushers

On my list of plans for the next decade I want to be less sarcastic about these kind of things but offer constructive criticism and be a person to go to for advice and help people find solutions.

But damn.. it’s hard to stay optimistic if you have to witness society collapse in slow motion around you…. :-/

I am hiring!

Per direct I am looking for a

  • cleaner / household assistant
  • accountant

The current holders of those functions were not fulfilling their tasks to my expectation so I had to let them go. They are now in early retirement with (lots of) benefits. :)

my accountant
my household assistant

SketchUp for Web and dedicated laptop GPUs

If you are one of the lucky ones that have a laptop with a combined Intel/Nvidia GPU (also called “cross-processor” or “video co-processor” or “prime” – it features an nvidia mx or quadro chip that “helps” the intel integrated chipset. One thing to be aware of, this is not a discrete GPU – you can _not_ disable either of them permanently or use only one (to save battery at work / have more graphics power for steam, etc…) they always work together. But that aside. using a recent nvidia driver it works fine and even in Ubuntu this is now an option (when using the proprietary driver)

This works fine in most of the cases, see task manager: GPU0 indicates it is using the nvidia GPU

you can tune these settings using the nvidia control panel per application

However, a simple web-app called SketchUp (the free version is no longer for download) I found out it looks ugly.. like.. “2004 videogame” ugly.

really? jaggies in 2020?

Note: the following does not work for Firefox and Edge browser (no idea why) but works very well in Chrome and Safari.

In the NVIDIA Control Panel under “3D Settings” select “Adjust image settings with preview” and chose “Use the advanced 3D image settings” – this allows the applications to configure their prefered GPU

then, select Chrome and associate it with the Nvidia GPU (and tweak the settings if you feel adventurous) and restart chrome (also terminate the chrome agent in the taskbar (or just reboot))

there.. much better. Enjoy 3D graphics the way they were meant to look like.

jaggies are gone!

keep in mind, a MX130 is not a powerful video card, the results are.. well.. don’t expect 2020 gaming graphics but still looks very nice and smooth.

New emoji for 2020

as a part of Unicode 13 we will soon have the universal emoji for “network engineer” – among many others (see: emojipedia)

“network engineer” – obviously a typo
full list at emojipedia

but my personal favorite is this one:

it’s short for “speak italian”