antivaxx chad

My favorite take on the covid crisis: People who don’t trust the pfizer vaccine but take viagra every weekend so they can get it up while on happy pills or other substances

Monday morning – pandemic

November 2021 – the pandemic in its second year – they say society will restart but despite an 80% vaccination rate (one of the highest in the world) we are still wearing masks in public transport and public buildings.

I am depressed, irritated and angry at all this and I wonder how much longer I can bear it before I break. It feels so pointless 😕

Activists are complaining about their freedoms being stripped away (and they have a point!) while the far right uses the insecurities of the people to radicalize them even more. And zwarte piet hasn’t even started.

I am scared of what will happen if this continues. I hope the right people keep calm.

Black Mesa

Black Mesa – After so many years since Half Life was a thing.
It still manages to surprise me / send a shiver down my spine / make me.. happy! So beautiful and now in glorious 4k ultrawide <3

Jeff Bridges

After watching Tron:Legacy – As much as I like him as Flynn, he really left his mark as the Great Lebowski.

You’re messing with my Zen thing, man

Kevin Flynn


They are essential for the internet to function, yet completely transparent for “normal people”

yet when something happens – the fallout usually is is significant :)

so when facebook kinda removed themselves from the internet yesterday, I realized two things:

1 it’s aways DNS

2 I really dont care anymore

3 I do actually care

I don’t care for the problems of a multinational social network facilitating hate and abuse on a global scale

but I do care for the poor sods who have been tasked with running this networ, who have to clean up this mess now and probably have to endure hours and hours of executive whining for the coming weeks. Not even starting about the snark of the entire internet and all their competitors. I mean, the memes are actually brilliant 😇

You people have my compassion. Also:

Elon will bring war – or worse

humans are just.. so easy to manipulate. I am 100% guilty of this, myself.
The internet hive-mind is slowly starting to understand which gives me a little hope.

Also, it is probably not a good thing to judge the popolation by their memes.. or is it?

It is Sunday. I will make pancakes and ignore greedy humans for today.

plex transcoding for nvidia/qnap

so I spent a few days moving my plex server to the QNAP but somehow the gtx1050 that I had for transcoding won’t … transcode.

it is being detected, after installing the kernel driver and nvidia driver (in that order)

$ gpuhal_app -l
1:NVIDIA Corporation:GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti]:external:7

index is 1 so this command shows what it can do:

$ gpuhal_app -s 1

so why does plex not use it?

So ChuckPa from the plex forums wrote how to force the card but in the end it was:

  1. set the card under “hardware” in “QTS mode”
  2. install the kernel driver that matches your QTS software version
  3. install the nvidia GPU driver that matches your QTS software version (or use the one from the app center)
  4. reboot the NAS till it works (no, really.. took me two reboots.. fun with encrypted filesystems and VMs for domotica and DNS… but hey. at least it’s not in the cloud)

verify via plex dash (hw means the transcoder is using the GPU or some other form of hardware acceleration.. something intel users might be able to use)