there are always two approaches to a problem. While I appreciate the “design over function” approach, I also like the “there will be a way” approach :D

Paris with doggo

so travelling to paris with 2 teenagers and a husky is possible!

Had to upgrade the car a little bit but she really can do long drives with occasional breaks to stretch her legs.

I had to adjust to a different lifestyle, mainly sitting in bars and waiting for the kids to come back from museums and palaces drinking wine and eating croissant… but I can get used to that.

What Grace likes

hotel beds

What Grace doesn’t like

public transport in Paris
not being served in a cafe


so I finally got myself a pride flag and put it in the entrance of my home. My kids were having a discussion in front of it why I did not iron it and if you should iron a pride flag at all… Because “then it would be straight”

after 2 days of searching I found out that this is actually a thing, made popular by Bernie Sanders